Custom designed upholstered

Custom designed upholstered

At Golden Hollywood Upholstery , you’ve got thousands of style decisions at your fingertips, and therefore the chance to settle on the materials and options you have continuously unreal of for your Chair Upholstery Hollywood, Sofa Upholstery Hollywood and Custom Drapes Hollywood.

With Golden Wall Upholstery Hollywood,  you will get a personalised consultation, quality skill and a custom finished product. At no additional value, our skilled style can show you solutions to fit your style and budget with our distinctive in-home design system.

We conjointly manufacture Custom Window Treatments, article of furniture and Bedding. you will find a formidable product choice with over seventy-five,000 Designer materials. you’ll be able to choose your favourite decisions of colours, style, textures, material and performance, and our personalised approach to figure and client satisfaction make sure that your project remains distinctive and retains its worth and sentiment.8516750216_c3eee8601f_b

With Golden Window Coverings Hollywood , you will get the simplest national brands, superlative service and reliable experience – all supplied with an area bit as a result of we’re severally in hand and operated.

Simi natural depression Window Treatments Hollywood

Cushions Hollywood – Residential, Commercial, Automotive

Custom designed upholstered article of furniture
Reupholstered article of furniture
Antique restoration

Upholstered headboards
Upholstered walls
Upholstered theatre rooms

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