Commercial Upholstery Fabric Canoga Park

Commercial Upholstery Fabric Canoga Park has been a family-owned and operated upholstery business since 1967. Since our inception, our goal was to offer our customer-friendly and personalized services at affordable prices. We specialize in furniture reupholstery, custom-made furniture, furniture repairs, furniture restoration, antique restoration, and all kinds of commercial furniture upholstery. We also offer all kinds of residential and commercial furniture upholstery services and consultation. If you are looking for the best and affordable commercial upholstery that guarantees the highest quality and customer service, call us today!


Commercial Upholstery Fabric Canoga Park is determined to provide our clients with all the services and assistance they need to restore the appeal in their furniture and their homes, offices, mansions, etc. Our services include furniture fabrics, cushions, replacement foams, leathers, foam, chair pads, patio cushions, vinyl upholstery, custom pillows, cushions, cushion covers, and more. We provide residential and commercial custom upholstery services such as exquisite custom upholstery of all types of furniture ranging from chairs to dining tables to sofas to ottoman to big sectional sofas.

At Commercial Upholstery Fabric Canoga Park, we provide antique furniture repairs and reupholstery for commercial purposes such as upholstery of dining chairs, desk chairs, stools, chair cushion, marine furniture, outdoor furniture, yacht furniture, boat cushions, boat pillows, throw pillows of all styles and sizes, etc. Furthermore, our upholstery services extend to custom cushions, window seats, kitchen nooks, custom cushion fill, feather fill, feather packages, polyester fills, and many more. Also, Canoga Park Upholstery also provides custom drapes, wall upholstery, sofa upholstery, outdoor furniture upholstery, leather upholstery, window treatments, dining chair upholstery, slipcovers upholstery, hospital table upholstery, doctor chairs repairs, etc.

So, if you are searching for the best commercial upholstery service for your home or office, call us now for an in-house consultation or visit our showroom.


Are you worried about the ripped or a cigarette burn in your chair? Are you thinking about replacing or refurbishing your sofa? Has the leather seat covers in your car cracked or torn? Are you looking for a professional upholsterer to restore your cushions to its original condition? We have you covered! Visit Commercial Upholstery Fabric Canoga Park and talk with one of our staff for a free estimate.

Commercial Upholstery Fabric Canoga Park has been providing upholstery business for more than 30 years which made us experts when it comes to commercial upholstery and fabrics. We are the only commercial upholstery business that has been providing consistent and reliable service than anybody else! We are committed to high-quality work so that we can pass our values and legacy onto the 3rd generation.

We believe only in top quality and the best workmanship. Our professional furniture makers and interior designers are always ready to offer our clients the most intensive and creative products. We are the best furniture repair and reupholstery business because we offer exceptional service, top quality, and reasonable prices for our reupholstery and furniture repair. Whether it’s an antique sofa or repairing or upholstering chairs for commercial office, our craftsmen are capable of repairing on your furniture.

All upholstery and repairs work are completed by the skilled craftsmen of Canoga Park Upholstery who have years of experience in the upholstery business. We have our own state-of-the-art facility to make all of our upholstery. Our craftsmen a minimal amount of time to repair and reupholster any kind of furniture. We are among the few re-upholstery shops that offer quality, reliability, and attention to detail at affordable prices. We only use European materials and designs with the best quality craftsmanship to ensure the best quality and durability of our furniture.

Our fabric showroom has some of the most comprehensive and largest selection of beautiful upholstery fabrics, silks, leathers, various types of vinyl, and more choose from. If you hire us, we can guarantee you your furniture reupholstery, are safe in our hands. We are working extremely hard to provide the best upholstery service in Canoga Park and we are proud to say that our services meet or exceed industry standards. We provide excellent customer service to all clients and if you face any issues, give us a call and our knowledgeable staff will provide all kinds of assistance.

So, if you are looking for the best and affordable commercial upholstery shop that offers an extensive collection of upholstery fabrics, call Commercial Upholstery Fabric Canoga Park now for a free consultation!