Furniture Upholstery Canoga Park

Furniture Upholstery Canoga Park is a specialized furniture upholstery and repair service provider in Canoga Park. We have established our furniture upholstery business in 1980 and since then have been providing customer-friendly and personalized services at affordable prices. We specialize in furniture reupholstery, custom-made furniture, furniture repairs and restoration, antique restoration, and all kinds of commercial furniture upholstery. We are a family-owned and operated upholstery business in Canoga Park and well-known for our exceptionally high-quality upholstery, outstanding customer service, and attention to detail. We also provide commercial upholstery services to bars, restaurants, universities, schools, hospitals, gyms, etc.

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Furniture Upholstery Canoga Park offers a range of services that include furniture upholstering services for couches, ottomans, chairs, sofas, headboards, cushions, antique furniture upholstering, wall upholstery, and marine upholstery. We also offer reupholstery and restoration services for antique furniture and supply various upholstery accessories and materials including foam, penal boards, patio furniture, cushions, patio cushions, throw pillows, bench cushions, many more. In addition, we also do upholstery fabrics, upholstery leather from big brands, foam replacement, patio cushions, upholstery vinyls, custom pillows, slipcover repairs, custom slipcovers,

cushion covers, and more. If you want to work with the best furniture upholstery service in Canoga Park, call Furniture Upholstery Canoga Park today!

We provide custom residential and commercial upholstery including chairs, dining tables, sofas, ottoman, big sectional sofas and everything in between. We also offer restoration service of antique furniture such as antique dining tables, antique dining sofas, antique dining chairs, stools, sofa cushions, chair cushions, outdoor furniture, marine and boat furniture, marine cushions, boat pillows, etc. If you are thinking to upgrade or redecorate your home and can find a reliable and reputable upholstery service in Canoga Park, then look no further and hire Furniture Upholstery Canoga Park today!

Why Choose Furniture Upholstery Canoga Park?

Are you worried about cigarette burn in your chair? Are you disappointed that the leather upholstery in your chairs is all ripped? Is the foam in your car seats flat, saggy, or muddy? Can’t find a furniture upholsterer to restore the sofa, chair, or whatever furniture to its original condition? Whatever your needs are, we at Furniture Upholstery Canoga Park have you covered!

At Furniture Upholstery Canoga Park, our commitment is to provide the best upholstery service in Canoga Park. We are committed to what we do and deliver exceptional quality and craftsmanship to our customers. We have been in the upholstery business for many years which makes us an expert in residential and commercial upholstery. Our fabric showroom has the most extensive and large of beautiful fabrics, silks, leathers, vinyls, and other designer upholstery fabrics than anybody else. If you are looking for the best upholstery service in Canoga Park, call now and hire us!

Furniture Upholstery Canoga Park is as one of the largest upholstery shops and the best furniture upholstery service in Canoga Park. We provide exceptional service and quality at lower prices than anybody else. Delivering the best is what we do at Furniture Upholstery Canoga Park. Our craftsmen are capable of providing an extensive range of upholstery services starting from simple cushions to elaborate sofas. Our functional, well-designed and top quality upholstery will change the look of your home or office. Whether it’s a beautiful antique chair or a series of modern contemporary design tables and chairs, we can repair and reupholster anything. If you have a particular upholstery design you want to see done in your couch, cushion, wall, or anywhere else, we are the ones you should be looking for. We do all of the furniture upholstery, repairs, and rep-upholstery by experienced craftsmen with more 20 years of experience in the upholstery business.

We are a licensed upholstery service and everything is done in our state-of-the-art facility. Since our establishment, we have completed hundreds of furniture upholstery jobs and our upholstery services meet or exceed industry standards with an impressive list of happy customers. If you face any issues with our upholstery products, call us and our staff will provide all kinds of assistance.

So, if you are searching for the topmost furniture upholstery shop that makes high-quality and affordable furniture and provides the best upholstery service, make call Furniture Upholstery Canoga Park your ultimate choice! We are happily looking forward to work with you!